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Full Service Vs Third Party Wedding Planners

A wedding planner is someone who assists with the planning, coordination, and management of a wedding. Weddings are very important events in people’s live as such, and so, couples tend to be willing to invest a considerable amount of cash to make sure that their weddings are perfectly organized. But not everyone can manage a wedding by themselves. This is where wedding planners come in. But before you delve deeply into the world of wedding planners, it would help to first understand what they actually do.

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Wedding planners can be professionals who manage and coordinate weddings. Some wedding planners work for themselves, while others are employed by businesses or individuals as wedding coordinators. Many planners hold a bachelor’s degree, some with master’s in this field. These planners have the experience necessary to manage weddings. However, there are still people who would like to be planners even if they don’t have formal training or education in this field.

A wedding planner plays an integral role in the planning process. It is their job to keep track of every single thing that will happen on the wedding day, right from booking the venue, to the caterer, to the musicians, the groomsmen gifts and everything in between. A planner would then develop a full-fledged checklist, listing down the items that need to be completed on the given time line. Planners are responsible for creating a detailed timeline that outlines all activities and how much money is required to complete them. This ensures that the budget is well managed and money is not wasted if some of the listed items don’t materialize within the timeframe.

Since most of the events that need to be planned for a wedding can take several weeks, months or even years to organize, the bride usually has an idea of the budget long before the event takes place. In fact, the budget is one of the major factors that influence the choice of venue, decorations and even the food that are going to be served on the wedding day. If these details are not planned well, it can lead to major headaches for the groom and bride. So the budget is of utmost important, and a wedding planner can definitely help in keeping it well maintained.

Not all wedding planners will be equal. Some may charge clients high fees because they have no experience in this field. Some full-service wedding planners also work as independent contractors. These planners may consult with the clients and the vendors, but the bride is not obliged to use the services of these full-service firms. Many brides end up hiring these third-party professionals as they are less expensive than full-service firms.

Full service firms are much more expensive because the wedding planner would have to take care of the inventory of the goods that would be given out during the event. The coordinator will also need to arrange for the rental and use of tables, halls, and other accessories. The coordinator can also coordinate with the vendors who can provide the goods for the reception according to the price agreed upon between the bride and the groom. A third party will not charge clients for their services. These vendors may even offer to distribute the goods for the bride, making it easier to keep track.

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