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Gold’s Gym Dance Workout Review for Wii


Imagine a game that can give you a good workout well don’t imagine anymore its here with gold’s Gym Dance Workout. This is a fun way to condition your body and mind when you are about to play some fun and exciting casino games via Floorball Ontario.

This game has over 10 kinds of dancing including salsa and many other Spanish dances it also includes songs that some of you guys and girls may have heard of like some of Lady Ga Ga’s music and The Pussycat Dolls. Dancing is not the only thing you can do in this game there are also mini games.

There is a feature in this game where you can create your own dance moves to practice you can switch from Latin dances to other dances. This game is pretty cool because it tells you how much calories your burning and how much time it took and saves all of that data so you check back on how much weight you are losing . With this game you will be able to get a full body workout without even noticing it, it’s a great exercise to burn some calories and stay fit.

This game has co-op so you can get a friend and dance your calories away with a partner. I forgot to mention what types of mini games there are in this game. This game includes canoeing, bull dodging, jump rope and many other more. I saw this game available for the price of 29.99 on EB games. The Game is also compatible with the we balance board.

Overall i recommend this game to anyone who has a passion for dancing and anyone who wants to lose a few pounds. This is a great game you can get off the amazon, eBay, and buy.com for 30 dollars and up but i recommend to by it in stores for a cheaper price if you cant find it for under 30 dollars. Every copy of the game includes a 7 day V.I.P pass to workout in gold’s gym that sounds pretty cool.

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