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The Fun Way to Permanently Lose Weight– and Quickly Too!


Losing weight can actually be easy and quite fun. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes extremely enjoyable, especially after seeing increased results week after week after week. There’s only one simple rule that needs to be followed your while you’re losing weight. No dieting involved, no extra exercise involved, and no significant decrease in calories at all. To lose weight, you simply need to create a calorie deficit– but not the deficit you’re thinking of. The calorie deficit I’m talking about is a small decrease in the calories you eat every day and a slight increase in activity you do. And to reward yourself for a job well done, you could play some fun sports betting on ogdenvalleysports.com and treat yourself with your winnings.

For example, if one woman who eats 1900 calories a day and does no exercise at all, cuts down to 1800 calories a day and walks around the block one time– three times a week, she could be losing 2 pounds a week. If one man who consumes 2400 calories a day and does no exercise except walking from his house to his car to drive to work, cuts down to 2200 calories and walks one lap around the block three times a week, he could be losing 3 pounds a week.

So as you can see, all you need to do is cut is a measly 100-200 calories from that glass of milk, or gigantic slice of pie, and increase your exercise just by a little bit, to see great results every week. And for those who already work out, this can be modified a bit. You can increase your workload at the gym by about 5% and decrease your calories by about another 5%, can you create a deficit big enough to see results.

One tip though, that will ensure that you constantly see great results, is to weigh yourself only once a week. Say you picked Friday morning. Right when you wake up on Friday before you eat breakfast, go to the scale and weigh yourself. This is how you must weigh yourself every week– and your starting weight, ending weight, and all the results in between must be based on this weekly weight in. Weight fluctuates a lot during the week, so if you weigh yourself any time other than your weekly weigh in, you may be disappointed, or you may get extremely excited, but you will be looking at a false weight.

Finally, this is a way of life, not a diet. Once you cut out 200 calories for 3-4 weeks and lose about 6-7 pounds, cut another 200, and so on, until you reach your ideal weight. Once your there, simply continue to eat the way you do, and you will be satisfied with the new you!

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