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How to diagnose Astigmatism

Astigmatism affects both eyes equally. It affects how light rays are focused on retina, the thin layer of tissue at back of the eye. People with astigmatism may experience blurriness, glare, and streaking around objects. In severe cases, astigmatism may require eye surgery. Patients may also have to wear glasses or contact lenses from https://lenstownus.com/collections/colro-contacts-for-astigmatism for years. A doctor can help you get an accurate diagnosis.


The most accurate way to diagnose astigmatism is through an eye exam. A doctor can use several different devices to determine your astigmatism, including a phoropter and an autorefractor. The phoropter measures how the light focuses on the retina, while the autorefractor records how the light rays are distorted in the return image. These tests are vital for your diagnosis.

Refractive surgery is the most common option for patients with astigmatism. It is an easy and quick procedure that targets corneal irregularities using a laser. The surgery is quick and involves a flap of corneal tissue. The surgeon then lifts and applies the laser on the cornea. A smooth flap of tissue is replaced. This surgery requires a single visit, and both eyes are performed at the same time.

Astigmatism can be corrected easily at home using the right contacts. However, severe cases may require a more specialized contact lens. Orthokeratology or rigid gas-permeable contacts lenses, is a method to reshape the cornea. Usually, the lenses must be worn overnight to correct astigmatism. If you do not sleep with your contact lens on, you should consult an eye care provider.

There are a few different types of astigmatism. Some may require surgery, while others are more severe. The corrective lens will correct astigmatism without affecting your vision. Astigmatism can cause vision problems and should be treated. Prescription lenses are an important tool to correct astigmatism. Your doctor will recommend the best type of lenses for you to improve your vision. If you are concerned about developing astigmatism, you should consult an ophthalmologist.

Often, astigmatism is a common eye condition. It is caused due to a defect in the cornea. This distorted cornea causes the rays to pass through to the retina. The retina turns light rays into impulses that are transmitted to the brain. These signals are then interpreted by the brain into images. Astigmatism treatment is very effective. It is also affordable. In some cases, a doctor can prescribe corrective lenses to correct astigmatism.

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